Frequently Asked Questions

A: Yes, so long as the authorized transaction did not result in you receiving the service that you were promised. Most fraudulent companies do not truthfully represent the services they provide. Even if the company did follow the letter of its obligation to you, it must also meet field dependent regulatory benchmarks if the transaction is to be considered binding. Needless to say, these are benchmarks they do not usually meet.

A: No, the banks have a department that deal with these disputes and once you obtain a chargeback the money is paid through the receiving bank and not yours. Standing up for your legal rights will in no way adversely impact your relationship with your bank.

A: Usually when opening a dispute (chargeback) with your bank against a fraudulent company you have only one attempt. We know how to maximize your chances to get a chargeback approved.
A: This depends on the specifics of your case. Following your free consultation we will provide you with our preliminary assessment of your chances prior to proceeding and will provide a more exact assessment following the conclusion of the intelligence gathering and analysis phase by our experts. Ellis & Burlington makes a point of never raising false hopes but, how ever, if we think you have a fighting chance, and in most cases you will, we will help you pursue every avenue to ensure you get what is rightfully yours.
A: The longer you wait, the harder tracing and recovering your funds becomes. For one thing, fraudulent companies have a habit of declaring bankruptcy or going defunct, only to reappear under a different name. However, there is no specific time frame in which the task becomes hopeless. There have been people who managed to recover their funds years after the fraudulent transaction was performed. As part of our consultation process we will advise you on how probable it is to trace back your money and successfully order a chargeback.
A: Because they rely on people, primarily the weak and the marginalized that are their primary victims, not to stand up to them. That is the only way their shady business can flourish. Every individual who stands up and takes action makes their operation less viable.

Do I Have A Case?