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The founders of Ellis & Burlington have dealt with online frauds for most of their careers. Time after time we saw consumers who were lied, bamboozled and defrauded of their savings. We derived immense satisfaction from helping the victims of online frauds recover their funds.

We decided that the time had come to found a company exclusively dedicated to fighting back against online scams by hitting them in the pocket and to establish a mode of operations that would maximize the chance of a chargeback for our clients while minimizing their costs.


Our experts specialize exclusively in recovering funds from online scams which maximizes your chances to recover your money.
Ellis and Burlington

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Unfortunately, Israel has become an epicenter for online scams. As such, it seemed right that we would found a consultancy company with easy access both to the defrauding companies and to law enforcement agencies with the jurisdiction to hamper their activities. Our mission is to show consumers who were scammed or lied to that their money isn't lost and is still retrievable using our expertise.

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