Have you lost money to crooked online transactions?

You're not alone.

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Have you lost money to crooked online transactions?

You're not alone.

You're not on your own.

You don’t have to give up in the face of online fraud. You don’t have to face the shame and frustration by yourself. Ellis & Burlington specializes in uncovering fraudulent practices, and helping people like you recover what is rightfully theirs.

Regardless of how overwhelming your situation may appear, Ellis & Burlington has a team of dedicated, highly skilled and experienced experts who are prepared to give their all to make things right.

The help you deserve and need is only a phone call away

We are proud to be part of the struggle to make the online environment safe and scam free. As we see it, helping fraud victims recover their money is about more than just helping the immediate victim – it's about sending a message to the scammers that their unscrupulous practices simply do not pay.
Ellis & Burlington assists victims of online fraud, through the relevant recovery processes for the purposes of helping them restore their losses and return to normalcy.





The business model of the fraudulent companies is based on fleecing those who, in the absence of expert representation, back down and give up in the face of adversity and obstructionism, rather than undergoing the process required to order a chargeback of the defrauded funds.


But you aren't one of the victims which enable these fraudulent businesses to flourish. You are a fighter, and by fighting to the finish you are helping make these businesses unviable, and unable to continue preying on the weak and helpless.
Ellis and Burlington
The help you need
Remember – the financial and business regulations are on your side. The fraudulent companies, are the violators, and it is they who have everything to fear from shining a light on their activities. Let us help you shine that light.

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